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When I saw this drink at the store I had to have it. My first impression was to use it as decoration. Doesn’t it look cool, kind of like a lava lamp?

After my girlfriend insisted that a basil seed with honey drink would look a little tacky I decided to go ahead and drink it. Just to make sure this was actually meant to be consumed I checked the label to see what it contained.

I was pretty impressed. This drink is water and basil seed with a little bit of flavoring added. The corn syrup with honey flavor instead of real honey was a little disappointing though. I read up on basil seed a little and it turns out that it’s used in a variety of different Asian drinks and deserts. The reason seems to be because when water is added it turns gelatinous, kind of like tapioca I assume. The drink tasted ok. It didn’t have too much flavor. It pretty much just tasted sweet. The basil seeds were kind of neat though. They didn’t have a strong flavor but they were similar to tapioca. All in all this drink is more for the novelty of drinking something that looks so cool.

Final Verdict:

Taste: 3/10

Coolness: 7/10

Decoration: 5/10