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So the other day I happened to be at a World Market where I stumbled upon a large selection of beer I have never seen before. I, of course, was ecstatic and with a little encouragement I was able to convince my girlfriend that we needed to get drunk off of beer we had never had before. The beer is called Elephant by the Carlsberg Group, a brewery located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The beer had a brown amberish color and there wasnt very much head. The taste was a little sweet and a bit bitter. It was a bit thicker and heavier than I anticipated. You could definitaly taste and feel the 7.2% alcohol. All in all I’d say that it wasn’t a bad beer however there’s nothing really exciting about it. I do appreaciate beers that are able to pull of a high alchohal percentage well, Duvel for example, but Elephant doesn’t quite make it into this category.

Final Verdict

Taste: 6/10

Alcohol .72/10